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released August 28, 2015

DEFEATER is Derek Archambault, Joe Longobardi, Jay Maas, Mike Poulin & Jake Woodruff

“Abandoned” was written and recorded from October 2014 to February 2015
Engineered and mixed by Jay Maas at Getaway Recording Studios
Mastered by Brad Boatright at Audio Siege
Produced by Defeater
Additional vocals & lyrics on “Borrowed & Blue” courtesy of James Carroll
Additional engineering by Daniel Florez
Photos by Michael Winters [] & Alyssa Archambault
Art direction by Derek Archambault, Alyssa Archambault & Michael Winters
Design by Jason Link
James Carroll appears courtesy of Stay Close / Rise Records

DEFEATER uses Ernie Ball Strings
Joe Longobardi uses C&C Drums, Greiner & Kilmer Drums, Zildjian Cymbals, Remo Heads & Vic Firth Sticks
Jay Maas uses Black Market Custom Cabs
Mike Poulin uses Orange Amplification & Reverend Guitars
Jake Woodruff uses Reverend Guitars, Fuzzrocious Pedals & Janice Cabs


DEREK ARCHAMBAULT - To my wife Alyssa for her continued support and love, our dog Dutch, my parents Gary & Geraldyn, my brother Kevin, my grandparents, the Eygnor & Gross families, Steve Minerva, Gil Hartman, Michael Winters, Stephanie Marlow, Kevin Leary, Tristan Law, Blake Seale, Alyssa Marr, Josh Craggy, Cal Joss, Mike Moschetto, Joey Longobardi, Jay Maas, Mike Poulin, Jake Woodruff, Dan Lajoie, Matt Pike & The Kenmore Agency, Chris Wrenn & the Bridge 9 staff, Chuck Andrews, Mark Vieira, Dan Rose, James Raisbeck, Graham Iain Clews, Marco Welzel, James Carroll, Rob Gonzales, Allen Addison, David Kelling, Ryan Decker, Alex MacWilliam, Sean Rhorer, Joey Wolf, Choir Vandals, Blacklisted, Make Do And Mend, Caspian, Aviator, New Legs

JOE LONGOBARDI - My family, my girl, my friends, Derek, Jay, Mike and Jake, Chuck Andrews, Bridge 9 Records, Epitaph Records, Nike, Jeff and Lindsay at Converse, Alex Merchant, Emily and Sarah and the amazing staff at Zildjian Cymbals, Ben Davies and Vic Firth Drum Sticks, Adam Murphy and Remo Drum Heads, Dave and C&C Drums, Matt Greiner, Greg and Rose Trebandt and RVP Studios, Trash Talk, Caspian, August Burns Red, Twin Oaks, WCAR, Greiner & Kilmer Drums, Hostage Calm RIP, Abby, Niles and Dutch, weed is tight. Thank you.

JAY MAAS - Laura Maas, Niles Maas, Mom, Grandma, Dad, Daniel Florez, Brad Boatright, Ryan and the Ernie Ball team, 12-year-old-Jay for picking up a guitar instead of a football, Light to Medium roast coffee beans, Bourbon in general, the rest of my band for dealing with my past and future neurosis, Cubase not Protools, Kurt Ballou for letting me accidentally emulate his life, sandwich punch, buffalo, other dumb tour games yet to come, Derek for hopefully not editing this list so that I can laugh at it 10 years from now, and all the amazing people who encouraged me to never take the easy road. Here goes nothing.

MIKE POULIN - Mom, Dad, Ben and the rest of my supportive family, Maasman, Jacobi, Deerock and Joey for being on this journey with me and allowing me to be part of theirs, The Scheinost family, The Murdza family, The Soucy family, The Spence Family, Jena Daly, Abby Teti, Dustin Anderson, Chris Hebert, Ken Haas and anyone who has helped me by giving me a couch to sleep on, a job between tours or a ride to the airport.

JAKE WOODRUFF - The Woodruff family, Aisha Burns, Andrew Gary, the Phillips Street family, Dan and Meg Stevens, Phil Jamieson, Dylan Rieck, Adam Crowe, Sarah and Jeff Boucher, Herve Jacquemin, Greg Thomas, Eric Soelzer, Jordan Geiger, Taylor Holenbeck, Nathan Dixie, Thor Harris, Laco, Jason Gonzales, Ivan Torres Torres, James Taylor, Jason Rodricks, Kevin, and everyone else who has helped us on this wild journey. See you soon. Also, many thanks to Ken at Reverend Guitars, Ryan and Shannon at Fuzzrocious Pedals, Ryan and Tim at Ernie Ball, and Daniel at Janice Cabs for making awesome-sounding gear that I mostly can't break.

DEFEATER would like to thank the following: Brett Gurewitz, Felicia Risolo, Jason Link and the rest of the Epitaph Records staff, Stephanie Marlow, Chris Wrenn & everyone at Bridge Nine, Matt Pike & The Kenmore Agency, Chuck Andrews, Mark Vieira, Amy Buck & everyone at Good Fight, Nanouk & Marco at Avocado Booking, Graham at Resist, Justin Louden, Jesse Brust & everyone at 518 / All In Merch, Karl Hensel, Emmett Menke & everyone at Kings Road, Seth Decoteau & Kevin Duquette at Topshelf Records, Sean Rhorer, Joey Cahill & 6131, Andy Reitz, Anthony Rovedo & Green Vans, Jonny Emerick, Patrick, Cesar & the Monster Stage crew, Michael Winters, Dan Rose, James Carrol, David Kelling, Matthew Bradley, Rob Soucy, Ryan Mackfall, Alex Merchant, Michael Rabasco, Kevin Whitey, Scott Lee, Leah Urbano, Moose, Chris Walters, Jade Roser, Kevin Kennaley, Mason Hunt, Ricky Fernandez, Bill Hamilton, Josh Smith & Bowery Boston, Josi Hoffman, Lisa Root & New Noise, Ben Patashnik, Carly Hoskins, Jeff Gardner, John Hein, Matej Dusek, Michael Grey, Corey Stroffolino, Alex MacWilliam, Gus Pesce, The Bondi House, Jake Lang, Ray Harkins, Hayley Connelly, Sean McColgan, MusiCares, a special thanks to Pledge Music & all those who donated to Derek’s surgery, CULTURE ABUSE, MAKE DO AND MEND, CASPIAN, BLACKLISTED, ELDER BROTHER, MILES AWAY, I AM THE AVALANCHE, THE BANNER, RUDE AWAKENING, TOUCHE AMORE, VIOLENT SONS, VINNIE CARUANA, MORE THAN LIFE, AVIATOR, MODERN LIFE IS WAR, THE WONDER YEARS, CREATIVE ADULT, SELF DEFENSE FAMILY, SILVERSTEIN, DREAMTIGERS, VERSE, CAPSIZE, INCENDIARY, CRUEL HAND, LA DISPUTE, TIGERS JAW, PUBLIC DOMAIN, BETTER OFF, ROTTING OUT, PIANOS BECOME THE TEETH, BANE, THE FLATLINERS, COUNTERPARTS, AFTER THE FALL, HOSTAGE CALM, EVERY TIME I DIE, TRUE LOVE, THE ATTENDING, LANDSCAPES, SILVER SNAKES, BEARTOOTH, AUGUST BURNS RED, BREAK EVEN, FOREIGN TONGUES, RAIN DANCE, TOGETHER, TRASH TALK, GOODTIME BOYS [RIP], CARAVELS, HOTEL BOOKS


tags: rock Boston


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Defeater Boston, Massachusetts


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